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Male Fertility

The Fertility Check : Pre-conception to post-natal healthcare for men

With 1 in 6 couples affected by fertility issues, perhaps understandably, fertility services tend to focus on the woman, looking at female factors. Unfortunately, men can often only be considered as an afterthought despite 50% of all cases of fertility issues now involving male factor challenges. This can mean men are investigated late on in the process after considerable time has passed creating an even greater sense of urgency or pressure.
My aim is to assess and provide support even before you begin your fertility journey, then guiding you through the first steps, and through the other side when you have completed your family, managing your ongoing healthcare needs.

The Fertility Check:

In one of the first clinics of its kind, I assess men before their journey to fatherhood starts, assessing your personal circumstances and goals to create a bespoke plan.
If there is a problem, I focus on identifying the causes of reduced fertility so that we can maximise your chances as well as your general longer term health. Men are often unaware of the challenges they can face, however reassuringly most of these issues are reversible or treatable.
I start by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your fertility health. As this is a personalised approach as necessary physical examination, blood testing, semen analysis, and advanced cutting-edge diagnostic techniques including microbiome testing and genetic assessments may be used to determine your fertility status.
Reviewing your personal and family goals, I will tailor an evidence-based treatment plan that respects your needs. Some of you will not be ready for a family yet and so may benefit most from individualised lifestyle plans including environmental review, exercise advice and nutrition planning to maximise your future potential. Others who are closer to trying may require hormonal therapy to maximise sperm production.
I work alongside world-renowned male surgical fertility specialists Mr Jonathan Ramsey and Mr Tet Yap who may become involved where uncovered issues require an interventional approach such as sperm retrieval.
We recognise that fertility treatment can be a physically and emotionally challenging process and work with specialist therapists, personal trainers and star nutritionist Melanie Brown to provide a comprehensive approach.
Once you have completed your fertility journey, I am committed to your long-term wellbeing. Many with fertility challenges benefit from ongoing men’s healthcare – here I will continue to support your general and hormonal health needs.

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Male Fertility

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